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Elizabeth Campbell-Dorning is Counsellor (Education and Science) at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. With over a decade of experience in directing and delivering Australian Government international education policies and programs, Liz has a proven commitment to building an innovative and sustainable future for international education.

Liz was previously the Director of Qualifications Recognition Policy in the International Mobility Branch of the Department of Education and Training. In this role, she was responsible for enhancing student and labour mobility through qualifications recognition. This comprises international engagement relating to qualifications frameworks, including the Australian Qualifications Framework and the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework, in addition to facilitating the approval and support of Australian skilled migration assessing authorities.

Liz has routinely represented Australia in international and multilateral forums  to minimise barriers to mobility and promote the recognition of Australian educational and professional qualifications. From 2014 to 2017 she led the development of  the first global treaty-level agreement concerning higher education, the UNESCO Global Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education.

Liz holds a Bachelor of Asian Studies (Arabic) and a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) from the Australian National University.

Contact details

Australian Embassy
Jalan Patra Kuningan Raya Kav 1-4  
Jakarta Selatan  12950

Phone: +62 21 2550 5549
Fax:    +62 21 2550 5567

(Time difference: AEST less 3 hours, AEDT less 4 hours)

Staff contact details:

Ms Claudina Milawati
Deputy Director (Education and Science)
Phone +62 21 2550 5599
Fax +62 21 2550 5567
Ms Christina Aryanti
Senior Policy Officer (Education and Science)
Phone: +62 21 2550 5616
Fax: + 62 21 2550 5567