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Fiona Morris
Fiona Morris

Fiona Morris is Counsellor (Education and Research) at the Australian Embassy in Mexico City. This position commenced early in 2018, strengthens the Department of Education and Training’s representation in Latin America. Working closely with her counterpart in Brasilia, Fiona has responsibility for Australia’s bilateral education, training and research relationships in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru and multilateral education engagement with the Pacific Alliance forum..

Fiona has had a diverse career in the government, education and corporate sectors, with a focus on marketing and branding, and higher education, research and science policy. Fiona previously served as the Consul – Education, Science and Training with the Australian Consulate-General in Los Angeles, responsible for the strategic positioning of Australia's education and research interests in the USA, Mexico and Canada. Prior to taking up this position, Fiona was the General Manager of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney, working to transform Pharmacy’s research and education focus to better attract competitive research funding, world-class researchers and the best and brightest Australian and international students.

While there is great diversity amongst the member countries of the Pacific Alliance, there are also considerable shared interests ¬as demonstrated by Australia’s current Free Trade Agreement negotiations with this outward-facing bloc. As Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile continue to deepen their engagement with Australia and the Asia-Pacific region more broadly, Fiona will be focused on building mutual understanding of our respective education policies and systems, enhancing two-way mobility between Australia and the region and identifying new opportunities for collaboration to mutual benefit.

Contact details:
Australian Embassy
Ruben Dario 55
Col. Bosque de Chapultepaec
Mexico City 11580
Phone: +52 55 1101 2210
Cel: +52 1 55 7455 2365

Staff Contact Details:
Ms Erika Sanchez
Senior Education Policy Manager
Phone: +52 55 1101 2275