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Destination Australia

What is the Destination Australia program?

The Destination Australia program is the Australian Government’s new scholarship program to provide financial support for more tertiary education students to study in regional Australia.

How much will scholarships be worth?

The Destination Australia scholarship program will provide financial assistance of up to $15,000 per student, per year. Tertiary institutions will administer the scholarships for individual students

How many scholarships are available? Is there is a split between international and domestic students?

Over 1000 scholarships will be available each year to support both domestic and international students. Scholarships will be distributed evenly between international and domestic students.

When will the Destination Australia program start?

Applications for Destination Australia will open later in 2019, with scholarships to start from Semester 1, 2020.

What is the definition of regional used for the Destination Australia program?

For the purposes of this program, regional will defined by the Australian Statistical Geography Standard Remoteness Structure from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. You can check a town or area’s remoteness by searching by Remoteness Area Statistical Boundaries at

For institutions:

Which tertiary education providers can apply to administer Destination Australia scholarships?

Tertiary education providers with a campus located in regional Australia will be eligible to apply for scholarships for students studying at their regional campus.

Will regional universities with city campuses for both domestic and international students be eligible?  Will metropolitan universities with regional campuses be eligible?

Education providers will only be able to administer scholarships for students who are studying at a regional campus.

How will tertiary education providers apply for scholarship funding?

Tertiary education providers will need to apply through a competitive grants process. Details on eligibility criteria are currently being developed, but in broad terms, providers will need to be able to demonstrate how scholarships will build capacity in the institution, support growth in the region and attract high-achieving international and domestic students.

For students:

Which students will be eligible to apply for Destination Australia scholarships?

Scholarships will be available for both international and domestic students who are enrolled at a registered tertiary provider with a regional campus and studying one the following qualification levels:

  • Certificate IV,
  • Accredited Diploma,
  • Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree,
  • Bachelor Degree,
  • Bachelors Honours Degree,
  • Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma,
  • Masters or Doctoral degrees.
  • How will I apply for a scholarship?

You will need to apply for and meet the admission requirements of a tertiary education provider in regional Australia. Education providers will run their own processes for awarding scholarships to individual students.

Where can I find further information?

Further information about application processes and eligibility will be available shortly, in the mean time enquiries can be directed to

Endeavour Leadership Program (ELP)

For further information on the ELP, please see the ELP page.